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Across New York City, and the rest of the country, the end of Spring has always been synonymous with prom season! Millions of teens across the country each year, celebrating their hard work and the end of another school year. And as one of the premiere event venues and catering halls across New York City, Oligarch has been a prime location for schools to hold prom events, as well as after parties. To find out more about holding your prom event at Oligarch be sure to contact us today.

A Prom Night to Remember
With a spacious venue, that comfortably seats 300+ people, Oligarch has played host to a number of different prom events for high schools all around the Queens area. With our stylish décor, and a design team that blends the modern with a classic aesthetic, Oligarch is the ideal venue for today’s youth to celebrate their next prom event.

In addition to an unmatched décor, and stylishly luxurious setting, Oligarch also offers a wonderful ballroom and dance floor area for your prom party to dance the night away. With space for performers, and DJ’s playing your favorite contemporary or classic prom records, and wonderful acoustics, Oligarch is the ideal prom party venue. 

Food & Beverage Services
As a prime Queens catering hall, Oligarch offers its clients with all types of food and drink service options, fully equipped with a bar area, serving your prom class with non-alcoholic beverages throughout the night. In addition, our well-trained and experienced wait staff and team have years of experience in providing patrons with the utmost in service, helping your guests to meet their every need. 

Prom After Parties
When it comes to prom season, after parties have become much more of a tradition over the years, and Oligarch is the prime location to celebrate into the night, following your prom event. Whether it’s a school-sanctioned event, or a private prom after party, open to the guests of your choosing – the Oligarch team is here to provide you and your guests with the same high-level service you would receive otherwise. With the same amenities, and venue features, you can be sure that you and your guests will have a night to remember, that doesn’t have to end when the prom does!

As one of NYC’s prime event venues, open to gatherings of all kinds, Oligarch is heavily in-demand, and its always best to book your event as soon as possible. For more information on rates, scheduling, and specific details surrounding your event or celebration, be sure to contact the Oligarch team today. 


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